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Product & Process Innovation

Innovation is the successful exploitation of a new product, process or technology. Innovation can happen in either radical or incremental changes to products, processes or services, and can be closed or open in nature. Our main interests lie with the actual innovation process, how it be can fostered within organisations, as well as the transition from the internal combustion engine towards alternative powertrains in the automotive industry.

Firm-Level Innovation

Innovation requires both development of firm resources required to innovate, and the ability to profit from those innovations.

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Supplier Involvement in NPD

Firms increasingly involve suppliers in their new product design and development processes. Our research sheds light on managing at the intersection of supply chain design and product design.

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Alternative Powertrains in Automotive

The Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) is being challenged by new powertrain technologies, such as all-electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cells. How established and de novo firms respond to this technological evolution is of interest.

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