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Industry Studies

CPEI faculty take an active interest in Industry Studies. We pursue research that is grounded in observation and integrated with theory and analysis can make important contributions not only to academic knowledge, but also to industry practice and public policy. To this effect we actively engage with the Industry Studies Association (ISA). ISA seeks to advance industry studies scholarship, by facilitating the exchange of ideas among its members and between its members and the general public. Its activities bring together scholars from many academic disciplines who are committed to making the kind of personal investment of time that is necessary to learn about the markets, firms, and institutions in the industry or industries they study.

Key areas of CPEI interest relate to the automotive industry, public services, and the clean energy sector.

Automotive Industry

The "industry of industries", as it was so famously called by Peter Drucker, remains a key industry for manufacturing innovation, such as Lean Thinking. CPEI faculty actively engage with the International Motor Vehicle Program (IMVP), the Automotive Council UK, as well as the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills on automotive industry matters.

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