Centre for Process Excellence and Innovation

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The Centre for Process Excellence and Innovation explores how to create sustainable competitive advantage through process improvement and product innovation. We define competitiveness as a combination of two fundamental capabilities, to innovate and develop novel products and services, and to design, measure and improve the operational processes that efficiently produce and deliver these goods and services to the customer.

Our research programme is structured around a set of five themes (Process Theory, Process Excellence, Product & Process Innovation, Supply Chain Management, and Operations Strategy), and a research lens (Industry Studies).

Process Theory

  • The Principles of Operations Management

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Process Excellence

  • Evolution of Lean Thinking
  • Lean Six Sigma in the Public Sector
  • Swift, Even Flow

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Product & Process Innovation

  • Firm-Level Innovation
  • Supplier Involvement in NPD
  • Alternative Powertrains in Automotive

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Supply Chain Management

  • Supply Chain Strategy, Outsourcing and Global Sourcing
  • Supplier Relations
  • Supply Chain Volatility

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Operations Strategy

  • Build-to-Order and Order Fulfilment Strategies
  • Flexibility and Responsiveness
  • Managing Product Variety and Complexity

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Industry Studies

  • Automotive Industry
  • Public Services
  • Clean Energy

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